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Osage County Directory and Statistical Compendium



    The compilation of this volume has required considerable statistical research.  The records of the county and other authorities available have been diligently searched to obtain the information contained herein.  All matter of the statistical character has been carefully verified and will be found correct, barring such mistakes as are likely to occur in dealing with figures.  Historical data has been obtained from sources considered reliable, and while not exhaustive, it is believed will prove interesting.  The directory feature, of course, must of necessity in time lose some of its present accuracy.

    It has not been the purpose of the compiler of this book to produce a voluminous or exhaustive work, nor does this volume represent an effort on the part of the compiler at literary achievement.  It is a plain presentation of local statistics and historical data, which, it is believed, will prove interesting and useful.  The professional and business men represented herein have contributed in a large measure to the production of this book, and to them is hereby made public acknowledgment of thanks.

C.J. Vaughan, compiler.

Retyped by Carol Wileman

Note:  This version of the directory has been indexed, tableized and broken into several files for better navigation. Below are links to the different categories in the "Business and Individual Directory".