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Items for Sale
Title & Author Cost & Mailing
An Osage County Missouri Civil War Patchwork, Roberta Schwinke $20.00+$5.00
Osage County Memory Book (history) compiled by Social Studies Class, Linn High School 1976 - history plus photos, $22.00+$5.00
Missouri School Land Sales, Kliethermes, 1980 $12.00+$5.00
History of Chamois, Kishmar, 1985 (copied from reprint) $25.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Benton & Crawford Twps., Comprehensive Survey, 1988, with Five-Year Update, 1993, Flippo, $35.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Linn Township, Flippo, 1996 $18.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Jefferson Township , Flippo, 1992 (updated 1998) $18.00+$5.00
Bonnots Mill, Then & Now, 1800-1993, compiled by Community Betterment Association, Bonnots Mill, 1993 $10.00+$5.00
St. John's United Methodist Sesquicentennial (history of Osage County Methodists), Baker & Schulte, 1994 (hardbound) $30.00+$5.00
Immigrants to Osage County and Their Immigrant Ships, Gentges, 1995 (2nd Addition) $30.00+$5.00
Births/Baptisms in Osage County, Missouri prior to 1880 Census of Children, Spouses of Immigrant Families, Gentges, 1995 $30.00+$5.00
Pioneer Settlers of Osage, Gasconade and Maries Counties, Missouri, Gentges, 1996 $30.00+$5.00
*A set of any two of these three publications is $50.00 + $5.00 mailing for each book, for a total of $60.00
My Experiences and Events on the Missouri River, Kishmar, 1988 $20.00+$5.00
Facts and Events of the Missouri River, Kishmar, 1996 $20.00+$5.00
Teacher, Teacher, I Done It! I Done It! I Done Done It!, Grace Bacon Ferrier, 1986 $15.00+$5.00
Post Oak Sprouts Along Belly Ache Creek, Grace Bacon Ferrier $15.00+$5.00
*Both of these publications by G. B. Ferrier together is $25.00 + $5.00 mailing - for a total of $30.00
The Strangest Species: Observations of People by a Country Vet, Dr. Merrill Townley 2003 $20.00+$5.00
A Ride with a Country Vet , Dr. Merrill Townley (Get both of Dr. Townley's books for $35) $20.00+$5.00
Good and Faithful Servants, History of St. Peter Evangelical Church, Fredericksburg, Missouri, 2005 $15.00+$5.00
In All Generations: Zion St. Peter U.C.C., Pershing ,Missouri, Schwinke, 2007 $15.00+$5.00
Back issues of the OCHS Newsletter:
$1.00 each+$3.00
Newsletter Index by Subject 1987-2005 $5.00+$3.00