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Regional  Historic  Maps
1804 District of Louisiana showing settlements
1812 Territory of Missouri
1813 Territory of Missouri - Washington county added
1816 Territory of Missouri - More new counties added including Arkansas
1818 Map bounderies of Missouri as suggested in 1818
1821 First state counties
1834 More counties added
1835 Principle Highways and Waterways to Trans-Appalachia - Includes Wilderness Road
1841 Final state bounderies - More added counties
1845 Osage county included
1860 Maries and Phelps counties included
New Maps from the Rumsey Collection
1747 1755 1814 1822 1823 1833
Localized Maps
1846 A New Map for Travellers through the United States of America showing the Railroads, Canals and Stage Roads - Published by Sherman & Smith
1859 Johnson's New Railroad & Township Cooper-plate Map of Illinois, Iowa & Missouri - Pubished by Johnson & Browning.  Notice the shape of Maries County at this time!  Entered in 1857.
1861 Military Map of the Middle and Southern States showing the Seat of War during the Great Rebellion in 1861 - Published by W. Schaus.
1863 Lloyd's New Map of the United States...showing every railroad & station finished to June 1862 - Published by J.T. Lloyd
ca 1870 Oshawa Post Office request location map - Osage/Gasconade County border
1873 Map showing the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad and Leased Lines - Published by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.
1875 Cram Atlas Company, New York; Cram's Railroad and Township Map of Missouri.  Shows Lacon spelled as Bacon.  Also shows Gasburg, Prior's Mill, etc.
1878 Official Railroad Map of Missouri - Published by Edwards Brothers - This map shows the proposed railroad that would have completely bypassed Osage County
1892 Family Atlas of the United States, Compiled for the World's Fair Educational Association; Rand, McNally & Co.
1895 The New 11x14 Map of the World; Rand McNally Corporation - This one shows Jersey, the illusive post office near Summerfield, but wait...what is Frankenstein doing where Freeburg should be?  possible explanation
1897 Galbraith's Railway Mail Service Map of Missouri - Looks like most Post Offices are shown here for the tri-county area
1901 Missouri (Railroad Map) - Geo. F. Cram - Shows ST.K.C.&C. (St Louis, Kansas City & Colorado) railroad ending at Belle.  Note: Jersey PO misplaced.
1904 The State of Missouri, Walter William, 1904.
1913 This one is after the Rock Island Railroad was built and includes Gascondy, Summerfield, Belle and other railroad towns.  I've lost my source on this map!
ca 1920s Clason's Guide Map of Missouri - Clason Map Co.


A History of Missouri, Frederic A. Culmer, 1939

Maps of: 1804, 1813, 1818

Chris Cooper

1870 Oshawa Post Office Map

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Map extracts of: 1846, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1863, 1873, 1878, 1897

Livingston County MIGenWeb - by Pam Rietsch

Scan of 1895 Rand McNally Map

Lucinda Brands

Donation of the 1878 and 1901 maps

May Bacon-Leach

Loan of the 1913 Osage County Plat Map

MoGenWeb web site

Maps of: 1812, 1816, 1821, 1834, 1841, 1845, 1860

Missouri Ozarks - by Linda Jo Webb

Clason's Guide Map of Missouri by Clason Map Co., Denver, Colorado, circa 1920s - Scans of Counties

The State of Missouri, Walter William, 1904

Maps of Gasconade, Maries and Osage Counties

The Stream of American History, Baldwin - Kelly, 1965

Map of Principle Highways and Waterways in 1835

The Rumsey Collection

Maps of 1747, 1755, 1814, 1822, 1823, 1833, 1875