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Past Exhibits

Osage County Sports Through the Years

Grand Opening

Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 11 AM

Exhibit will be here through Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cultural Heritage Center in Linn, Missouri The exhibit will showcase the local high school, community teams and other sports activities through the years.

A large collection of high school yearbooks is available for browsing.

During the month of June

Farmhouses Before the Great Flood of 1993

Life in the Chamois and Morrison River Bottoms

A display of pictures and stories from the book by Susan Sundermeyer

Farmhouses Sign
The sixteen-mile strip of Missouri River bottom land from above Chamois, Missouri, to below Morrison, Missouri, was once populated with many farmhouses that sheltered the families living the American Dream of Farming. Now, only a few are left. The Mighty Missouri has had her way. Sharing the stories, pictures and histories of these families and their homes, FARMHOUSES is a recollection and a collection of the many who lived the dream, fought the river, and survived to tell about it. More than 100 Missouri River Bottom folks-- both past and present--have contributed to this work. Work was hard, shared, most times successful, sometimes not.

Mapping Missouri

Maps from the Collection of the Missouri State Archives

Features more than 100 examples of cartography from the Archives' colection, many of which have never been

1833 map of Missouri
shown before. Drawing from such diverse examples as the land survey maps made by Antoine Soulard from 1796-1806 and computer generated census maps made in the year 2000, this exhibit explores the history of cartographyic images of Missouri and the role they have played in our everyday world.

Featured at the Cultural Heritage Center March through June 2015.