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Leach’s Steam Saw and Grist Mill

Leach-Baker Milling
also recorded as
Leach Steam Saw and Grist Mill
Cooper Hill, Osage Co, MO
(photo ca. 1886)

Engine room, Saw & Grist Mill - East side
Left to Right: "Charles" Baker, William Granger, Edward F. Leach
Head of Mill standing in door - "Charley" C.H. Baker
Looking out window - H.C. Baker
On log wagon - Charley Casey
On Ox - Jim Casey

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Leach Skouby.  Identification of people was supplied to Yvonne from Ida Elsner & William Granger.

The Leach-Baker Mill was constructed in 1858 at Cooper Hill Landing near the confluence of Third Creek and the Gasconade River.  This was a combination steam saw and grist mill.  The saw-mill was built first and then the grist mill was added.  This provided services for both lumber and grain and enabled bartering for multiple products.  Since the 38 ft. long boiler running a 4 ft. stroke piston consumed 1 1/2 cord of wood per day, customers could trade cord wood for milling services.

The Mill operated continuously until 1924; it was razed in the 1930's.